What's a podcast?

Because not everyone out there is fluent in Apple's iPod terminology, we decided to give a brief laydown of what a podcast really is.

A podcast is a short video or audio program that is usually released in regular intervals. These programs are designed to play on an iPod, though most can be played on other devices and even through Quicktime and iTunes.

Unfortunately, we have had it come to our attention that the podcast has been broken to iPods. We're currently working on remedying the situation.

Joel Ascenzo

Hot Apple Pie

We are pleased to announce our podcast host will be Meade Skelton from Richmond, VA.

He is an independent artist, and entertainer. His songs range from classic country to pop and jazz. With a quirky sense of humor that is often apparent in his song lyrics he touches on those feelings that most of us have had at one time or another of not fitting in with the "in" crowd. He marchs to his own beat and is "Proud To Be A Square." Until we get his Red Barn page up and going you may get links to his songs and find out more about him at his website http://www.meadeskelton.org/.

We are very pleased to also be sharing the music of Chris Lucas from Richmond, VA. His music will continue to be featured as the introductory song while Meade Skelton introduces the featured artist of the month.

We will be posting on our blog before each podcast so you can see who will be on the upcoming podcasts. We hope you'll stop by and visit us there. Comments are welcome.


Click on the artist you want more information on.

January Chris Lucas
February Shane Cooley
March Luke Austin Daugherty
May Buck Gooter
June Nina Marshall
July Meade Skelton
August Trinity Lane
September Bill Payne
October The Brooms
November Heartsong
December Bree Noble
March The Blind Slye Twins
April Molly Andrews


The podcast will have original music of independent artists, each podcast will feature one artist giving 2-4 songs and possibly an interview. We will have contact information for all the artists that have been on the podcast and where you can find their music online if it's available. And how to contact them for bookings if you'd like to have them play at your establishment or function.

What can you expect in our podcast? Family friendly music. That means clean language, and no mature themes. We'd prefer the folk, country, pop, easy listening, christian, or jazz types of sound. But, we do plan on having a segment from time to time that will be for something different where the music won't be our standard fare, but is music we feel should be heard. So, if your music isn't in the genres listed, take a chance and contact us anyway. Especially if you have humorous or quirky lyrics.

Are you an artist? Like to be included on our podcast? We are constantly on the lookout for new artists. We specifically are looking for independent artists, original music and good clean entertainment.


Red Barn Entertainment
POBox 151
Elk City, Kansas 67344

(please email us and let us know what you'll be sending if possible, thanks)

Due to inadequacies in the email server, the submissions email address has been changed to our management's account. Please type sumbissions as part of the subject line so we will know what it is. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time.