Here is some information about the staff here at Red Barn.

Meade Skelton

From Meade's website:

Meade Skelton was born Meade Skelton Haufe on April 8, 1979 in Virginia, the youngest of five children. Growing up in Loudoun County, Meade's love of music began at an early age. At five months old he was walking across the keyboard of his family's old upright piano.

By age three, he was playing the piano by ear and singing along to pop tunes he heard on the radio. His first true public performance was at age ten, when he won first place for an original piano composition in the Classical vein called "Victory". However, Meade wasn't all that interested in Classical music. Instead, he liked to belt out tunes like Hank Williams and Elvis.

As a teenager, he began performing all across northern Virginia at banquets, church socials, barbecues, open mikes, retirement homes, radio stations - just about anywhere folks would listen.

Meade now resides in Richmond where he is currently playing venues and hopes someday to have a singing career in Country music. Although he sings various styles, he has found his niche in Country and the Blues. Meade hopes to make his dreams come true someday soon.

Perhaps the right person should be reading this right now and shall give ol' Meade a break.

Stay tuned for Meade's episode in July 2007.

Ardith Springer

Ardith is the founder of Red Barn Entertainment (RBE/Red Barn). Her inspiration to create a podcast to help independent artists get their name out more easily has become a reality in Hot Apple Pie. Red Barn will continue to develop projects and products based on her Christian ideals.

Joel Ascenzo

Joel Ascenzo is the editor for Hot Apple Pie. The songs come to him in the form of mp3's (or sometimes physical CD's) and he puts them into his advanced, easy-to-use program and spits out a podcast. Well, ok, it's more complicated than that, but that's the extreme basic description of what he does.

Program used: GarageBand

Joel is also the web weaver for the site you're currently on. That means he made the site, basically. Any good and bad that you can find here, he's directly responsible. We hope to have provided a website that meets with your approval. You're the customer (even though what you get from us is free) and customer satisfaction is the highest priority among us.

Program used: Coda