Meade Skelton 7"

Meade Skelton: My Loudoun County Home

Have You Ever Been Moved by the Spirit?

Meade Skelton certainly was moved by the spirit when he wrote the songs for his new single, "My Loudoun County Home" and "Moved by the Spirit". This single release is in both vinyl and CD formats.

"My Loudoun County Home" reflects life as he knew it growing up in Loudoun County Virginia and the changes there since the area has known the surge in new home growth. Meade is joined in this recording by Ron Simmons, Larry Shattuck, and Dennis Elliot.

"Moved by the Spirit" is an inspiring gospel song sure to get your toes tapping and your heart singing right along with Meade and the Meadow Street Band. The Meadow Street Band, formed out of members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church and the former Basement Band, has been an outreach to the community. Band members are Meade Skelton, Ron Simmons, Larry Shattuck, Terry Witt, Betty Robertson, and Kathy McGraw. Meade began singing in the Tabernacle Baptist Church choir after his family moved to Richmond in 1998. Richmond holds a special place in Meade's heart as it was the place his mother called home.

"My Loudoun County Home"
© 2008 Meade Skelton

Album artwork © 2008 Joel Ascenzo