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So you'd like to know a little about us. We are a company started to help independent artists and musicians to get their music out there where more people will hear it. We also hope to produce other family friendly entertainment as providence allows.

Featuring original music of independent artists, our Hot Apple Pie podcast is intended to bring more exposure to some very fine indie artists. Each podcast will feature one artist giving 2-4 songs and a bio. We will endeavor to have contact information for all the artists on the podcast and where you can find their music online if it's available. And how to contact them for bookings if you'd like to have them play at your establishment or function.

If you are a musician or singer/songwriter we would be glad to review your music for our podcast.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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We have tried to make the information on our web site accurate and interesting, and the layout of our website user friendly. We hope that you don't have to learn a completely alien layout with strange and unusual navigation when you come here. We also hope that you were able to easily find everything you need quickly and efficiently. After all, as any robot will tell you, "Efficiency = joy."

From the Editor/Web Weaver: Additionally, I would like to note that we try to keep our website and podcast episodes as bandwidth friendly as possible for those of us who are on dialup. Additionally, our website is of a high contrast for those with visual impairments. I personally, as well as the rest of the staff here at RBE, care that as few people as possible have any trouble using our site or listening to good music.

To contact us by US mail, send to:

Red Barn Entertainment
PO Box 151
Elk City, Ks. 67344

To contact us by email, send to:


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This is the button that will take you here when you're not here. It will return you to the home page wherein there's stuff about us. This page contains general information about the site and how to contact us if you see problems with the site and what-have-you.


This link contains general information about our projects, including Hot Apple Pie: a monthly audio podcast with a movie track for album art. We used a Quicktime format for filesize consideration and so that we can include links to the artists' web sites right in the podcast.

If you're viewing it on an Apple iPod, an Apple formatted iPod video (our test iPod) has run it fine, though some software update has broken that. If you have any issues with the Apple iPod Nano or shuffle or listening on older iPods, we apologize for the inconvenience. Podbean does not currently support uploading m4a files (an advanced Apple audio format that supports changes in album art and different links during different parts of a file).

This is most likely a security concern and frankly, we're just fine with them protecting you from viruses.

If you're looking for previous artists of the month or how to submit your own music for consideration for a podcast, this is also where you'll find out how to do that.


Crew information is stored here. Management, Editor, Podcast Host. I won't say more here 'cause then you won't go there.


This contains the information for our current artist of the month. This button will also bring you, in addition to the artist's bio, contact information and the website(s) of said artist.

It's a great place to find their website if the link in the podcast doesn't work for you. Artist information is also in the individual artist pages, in case you missed it being in the featured page. You can get to the artists pages through the Podcast link on the Projects page.

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